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I've been thinking for a while about starting to take self-portraits again. For those of you who didn't knew me back then, my work in photography started with self-portraits, back to 2010. I started by that because I didn't had anyone else to take photos of and because with them, I could express the things I was feeling, the things I love, and simply have something to express my creativity. It's been a lot of years since those times and now I have a lot of people that I can take photos of. Hundreds of them every week in fact. But I feel like something is missing; don't get me wrong, I love my job and I can't imagine myself doing anything else, but sometimes you need time for yourself and for the things you love besides your work. I feel like I left that side of me behind, that I'm lucky enough to create memories for a lifetime for other people, but that I don't have time to create my own sometimes. Today, after months of thinking about it, I grabbed my camera, my tripod and remote and did a few self-portraits. There's no concept behind it, just a few photos that show what I love doing the most in this life, and that's photography. Maybe this is a first time moving towards my 'creative self' and creating other work besides wedding photography. I'm starting to realize how important self-care is, how important it is that you stop once in a while and take a few minutes/hours a day for you and to do the things you love. That way, I can keep focus doing my job and I'll definitely be more creative and happy. 

Also, I might revive this 'personal blog' to share my personal work that I won't be posting in my official page, we'll see, baby steps I guess.

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