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From Paris with love.

This was in December. We had the luck to be contacted to make a wedding there, a quite a different one, a jewish wedding. It was an amazing experience to know a different culture and to be able to witness such a beautiful ceremony. The bride and the groom where amazing with us and it something that we'll never forget.

We had the luck to have time to enjoy a little bit of Paris, so that's what we caught in our cameras.

We took our first breakfast at Le Pain Quotidian, and you can see by the photos how amazing it was. The attendants were super nice with and everything was delicious. Their cappuccino was one of the best I've ever had.


So, yes, it's was pretty much this.
Two times in Paris in a year three months and I think I might like that city a little bit. Or a lot. :)

All the photos were taken by me, the ones that I appear were taken by João Almeida, Cristina Macedo and Francisco Macedo.


bela + felipe - the greatest love

This is love.