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Back to where it all started

For those that don't know, I took my degree in Viseu. I lived there for three years (2008-2011).

Last saturday, for the first time in a long time I've been there and I was hit for so many memories I can't even put in words each and every one of them. After all those years I was back, doing what I love the most in a city that brought me so much. I walk through the streets and remembered such great moments and people. All the afternoons spent taking photos, the times we sat on the stairs of the cathedral and talked for hours, all the nights we spent there fooling around. I cherish every one of those moments.

It's funny how back them I never would imagined that I was going to move to Oporto and become a wedding photographer. I mean, not in a million years. I always wished to become a photographer but never thought it would be possible. If you asked me back then what I was going to do after, I'd probably would answer you that I was going to do something design related. It was more realist to think that way. But I was lucky enough to have teachers that inspired me to pursue that dream and create my own art. At the time I was really scared that I would be able to anything I was proud of and I always did what was more safe and comfortable but thanks to those teachers and friends I found the courage to follow my heart and my dream and signed up for photography classes. Today I couldn't be happier and more thankful. And I believe everything happens for a reason, and every single person you know as a purpose in your life. To all of my friends and teachers that encouraged me to follow my dreams and made me take photography classes, thank you so much. Without you I would never be where I am right now. And I believe I am where I was meant to. I can't imagine myself doing any other thing.

So yes, this city is so dear to my heart. It's the place I learned how to be by myself, where I had to luck to find my way.
It was good to be back even if it was only for hours. 


Happy World Photography Day!