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It's funny how we make plans, imagine our future and everything turns out differently.
If you asked me how I imagined this day a few months ago I would have told you something completely different from what's happening right now (that's not necessarily a bad thing). I imagined something different. I've always been a 'person of expectations'. And what do I mean by that? I've always been that person that keeps making plans and expecting things from others and from life, and honestly, it sucks. It's good to be surprised by the unexpected, by a whole lot of things that you even got the chance to think about. When you expect something and the things don't go the way you want them to you don't enjoy what's happening. You worry about the unfamiliar feeling of surprise, of the unexpected. And I want to be surprised. I want to stop being disappointed when life doesn't go as I expected to. I want to enjoy the unknown, mostly, I want to have a clear headspace to enjoy wherever life gives me. I guess I need to stop being a control freak. In my expectations, today was supposed to be different. Life was suppose to be different. But it is what it is, so I might as well enjoy things as they are. There's only one life to be lived and time doesn't stop so let's make the most of it, even when things aren't as you imagined them to be. Go where life takes you. Allow yourself to be surprised. 

For a more positive life. For a happier life. For a stronger and bigger love.  For yourself. 


I suck at this blogging thing.