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Such a long time has passed since this photo was taken. It meant a lot a things back then and still does now because I don't believe that everything changed. Life changes, people change, but somethings don't, somethings that you can't quite explain. Things that after awful things have been said, after everything looked like it was lost, inexplicably are still there just because they were unique and felt so right, so meant to be. It's hard to leave behind something like that and I'm not quite ready yet. So for a while I'll just stand still, focus in what's good, in what as been amazingly different and strong and indescribable and different from everything I've ever knew and stand here, quietly waiting for an answer that needs to come from the deepest ends of my heart. After all, I still believe in it, I still feel that's different from everything else, that's meant to be... And it's meant to be, it will find his way back home.

A reminder.

Still here.