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Still here.

Hello everyone, yes, I'm still here and I didn't forgot I have a blog. As usual, I've been busy and/or I didn't knew what should I write about here. Blogger dramas I guess (or maybe wannabe-blogger problems).

Anyway, wedding season has officially started and I'm super excited for this year weddings. 
Also, the last few days I felt this urge to take the photos I used to took and (maybe) starting to do some self-portraits again. The photo above was taken with iphone, but okay, it's a start, next time I'll do it with a proper camera. Baby steps I guess. And with the blog as well, I'll start posting more often too.

Anyway, other than that life as been busy, but calmer, lighter and happier. I'm finally getting back to the old me, the bright and happier one, so, yay!



just saying,