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This is love.

I finally got a free weekend and the first thing I did was visiting my grandpa and taking a few photos of him in his ‘workplace’. (As you might have noticed, I write about him a lot and the reason is that he has always been an inspiration to me.)

My grandpa as been a carpenter for 40/50 years now. Ever since I remember him, he’s always carving or sawing something and he never stopped doing it. Not when he got sick, not when he had to leave his home, not when his vision got worse. He’s 83 years hold and he never stopped. He makes small guitars, wood chaplets, and pretty much everything people ask him. If it’s made in wood, he was not problem doing it!

Seven years ago he had several heart attacks and had to leave his home. He lived by himself and with the risk of more heart attacks we couldn’t leave him alone. Unfortunately, none of us had conditions to bring him to our homes, so he had to go to a nursing home. It’s was really hard on him and on us, it wasn’t something that we wanted to put him through, but we had no other option.


- side note. To every one of you thinking right now that we’re awful people that throw their family in those ‘horrible places’ believe me when I say that it’s the toughest thing you might have to do (and it’sfinancially tough as well) but it’s the best for him. We didn’t ‘put’ him there because he’s not worth the work or because we don’t love him, it’s the absolute opposite. We want what’s best for him. We can sleep at night knowing that if we feels sick or have another heart attacks someone will help right away. He’s never alone, there’s always someone taking care of him. We couldn’t do that for him, our lives don’t allow us to be with him 24/7 as he needs. We visit him every day, we know that everyone at the nursing home knows him and loves him by the person that he his, and the most important thing, he knows we love him. -


It was hard at first but fortunately he adapted well and today he’s happy. He has everything we had before (and probably more) and we feel like we did the right thing for him.

But he always felt like something was missing because there was no conditions for him to keep doing his work as carpenter and he started to improvise work stations. With time, everyone start to get along with him and loving him to the point where they built a workplace just for him, where we could have all his tools and be wherever we wants to. They called it ‘craftsman house’ and these photos show him there. I don’t need to say he’s happy, you can see by the photos :) and when is happy, I am happy, what I become today it’s because he always pushed me to it.

He’s the best and I can’t put in words how much I love him.

From Paris with love.

Happy World Photography Day!