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To wish for

What do you wish for?

I ask myself that same question vey often. What do I want from life? What do I expect for? What are my dreams?  

I believe we all need something to wish for, something that makes us go through life with hope and desire. Every year I set a goal to myself, a target to achieve, a new place to go, something that brings light to my life. Otherwise, things get bored, life gets ordinary and there's no motivation to grow.  

I find myself in a moment of life that I really need something to focus on and help me through the more 'unpleasant' stuff that life brings every once in a while. I focused on something and when I feel like curl up in bed and stay there the whole day, I get up and do what I have to do anyway. Life isn't easy, drains all of our physical and mental energy but there's no other way than keep going, as you know and as you can. There's a goal to achieve, something you really want, and tou have to stay true to tour wishes and to yourself. Sometimes, all it takes it a deep breath and a hug. 


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