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Today for some reason I had to find some old photos in my hard drive. I don't know if it's only just me, but every time I go there to find something I end up seeing pretty much 'everything' it's there. Photos, journals, music. I am know hearing a playlist from 2010 and there's so many memories going through my head right know. Time really flies. The places I've been, the silly things I wrote back them and the dreams I had and how things turned out completely different that I imagined. Back then I thought that I'd finish college and probably became a designer or web designer that would took photos in her spare time. 


Where I am now, who I am now  it's completely different, and it's definitely good. 
And it's funny how I always been a person that keeps every bus ticket, every photo (phone, camera), every journal and know I go back and have these 'insignificant' things that remind me where I was, with who I was. Even things I didn't remember anymore.

It feels good. I miss some of these moments and people. I really really do.

And seriously, I need to start shooting film again. All the photos from this post were taken with my Olympus OM-4 (the last one with Zenit-B) and different types of film, all of them between 2010 sand 2012. It's been 2 years since the last time I took that baby for a ride. Soon, very soon :)

Anyway I'm sorry if my post are a bit boring and confusing but I'm still getting used to write again (pretty much) everyday.

To my grandpa

Some other place.