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The need of being inspired

Being inspired. By others, by yourself, it's a need for me. In order to create something good, something that's me, I need to feel it coming from inside and for that, I need - I MUST - be inspired.

And don't get me wrong, by inspiration I don't mean copying something that's already done. I mean looking around yourself and see what makes you keep going. The wind, that music that's on your head for days, the smell of the ocean, the cold of the winter or the warmth of your lovers arms. Anything  that makes you heart beat a little bit faster.

For me, it's a need being constantly inspired. The results are so much better, things flow much better. To do what your love sometimes it's not enough. Not if you don't look around every once in a while. You get to much into what your doing, you get frazzled and you end up not loving it so much as you used to because you're doing it just because it has to be done. And that why you need inspiration, 'side-projects'. 

That's why I'm always looking for it, because I don't want to fall in the ordinary, frustrated because I'm not satisfied to where I'm heading to.

It's your job to know and to lead you where you want to be. Stay inspired, stay true to yourself!